Green schools


The school has taken part in the Green schools campaign over the past 15 years and we are currently working towards our green flag for Global Citizenship - Marine Environment,  having already achieved flags for water conservation, litter reduction, travel and transport, recycling, energy conservation, biodiversity and global citizenship.  Our WOW (Walk on Wednesdays) days have become very successful. We hope that everyone will do their best to try and participate. WOW Day is held every Wednesday in our school. It encourages students of Rampark N.S to walk or cycle and save the environment and enjoy nature on their way to school. For the children who live further away, they are encouraged to Park and Stride (park near the school and walk the rest of the way), or car pool if possible with another family. As a reward of the children’s involvement, we reward the winning class who use the greenest ways of getting to school with the “Golden Boot”. The methods of green travel included are walking, cycling, park ‘n’ stride, car pool and bus

Health Promoting School


At Rampark NS we are aware that many of us question if we are making the right lifestyle choices for our children. We all set out to give our children the best start in life.

At Rampark NS, the staff and parents decided to set up a programme that aims to help children make the right choice for themselves. The main aim of the initiative was to promote healthy eating, exercise and mindfulness.The reason behind the programme is to reinforce the idea that the children are being equipped to make informed lifestyle choices regarding their health for life not just for a short period of time.

Healthy Eating


Rampark National School actively supports healthy eating and drinking throughout the school day. Good eating habits are best established at an early age. Making healthy food choices enables children to reach their optimum growth and health potential  From January 2013 we will implement a healthy Food policy. Parents are discouraged to include crisps, chocolate, chocolate spread, sweets and biscuits in their children’s lunchboxes due to their high sugar and salt.

Creative School


Rampark NS prides itself in being a Creative Schools which strives to enable the creative potential of every child.

GROW Awards


An acronym for 'Green, Renewable, Organic and Waste Minimisation', the competition serves to reward local schools for all that they are doing to make their environment cleaner, greener and more sustainable. We pride ourselves in obtaining Platinum at the awards ceremony.



The school participates in competitions organised by Cumann na mBunscol.  Boys compete for Corn Pheadar ó Céarnaigh and Sciath Mhic Raoise.  Girls compete in Corn Sheán Mac Cába.  Boys and girls also compete in rugby organised by Dundalk Rugby Club and soccer competition organised by the F.A.I.  Swimming lessons for children from 3rd – 6th class are organised between November and February each year.  Tennis coaching and matches take place in the summer term.  Our school sports day each year is also a chance not only to encourage our young people to take part in a healthy activity but also to engage parents and friends and the wider community.